Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bound to A Promise, Bonnie Floyd

An ordinary life, an ordinary day changed by extraordinary events. The began with a phone call that shattered the peace and routine life of Bonnie Floyd. The news - her parents had been killed aboard their yacht. Shot by two young men. This may sound like the beginning of a thriller fictional telling of suspense and murder - however, it is the true events of Bonnie Floyd's life. This is one of those books that once you pick up it is difficult to put down. Even more difficult to grasp is the fact that what is contained within the pages of this book is a factual account of real events. This story of one man's promise to his daughter, and his daughter's faith, and the redemptive power of forgiveness will change your life. As the reader is pulled into the horrific events surrounding the murder and the ensuing trial - the reader is introduced to a God that does not leave us in the Valley of Shadows, nor does He abandon us when the crucial questions must be asked or the impossible things must be faced. In this story Floyd must come face to face with the truth of what actually happened aboard the boat the night her parents were killed. She also had to come face to face with the young men that did the unthinkable. Yet in the midst of this raging storm she is able to reach out through the love of Christ and minister forgiveness to a searching soul. Would you be able to do the same? Could you trust that the hands that formed you would sustain you? Could you abide in the Shelter of the Almighty - trusting His provision for strength? Could you endure the walk in the Valley of Shadows - face the enemy head on and walk away a harvester in the field of promise and Kingdom work? This book will leave your heart broken. It may even cause you to ask the hard questions about how strong your faith is - how closely you are walking with the One who can sustain you, who can still the storms. In the end this book will leave you amazed once again at a God who loves beyond measure, who redeems the lost, who forgives that which is unforgivable in our own strength, and who is steadfast in the storm. Thank you to B&B MEdia for this review copy.

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