Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Grace of Giving, Che' Ahn

The sub-title to this books says it all - "Unleashing the power of a generous heart". In this book the author explores the blessing of giving. He shows in a very easy to read and understand way the kingdom principle of what you lose you gain. In today's world there is an overarching view that we should pursue wealth, hold onto wealth, and use our wealth for our personal gain. However, God's principle is different from that of the world. It is that we should give freely, and that in doing so we will get more. This book shows us how to break the bondage of wealth and break into a the freedom and blessings of giving freely what has been given to us. He also shows how to trust completely in the provision of the Lord. Many Christians say they trust that God will provide all their needs yet spend countless hours stressing and worrying over bills and how they will provide. In this book the author explores the truth in God's word and shows Christians how to live in complete confidence of God's provision. In this he also shows again that the key to that provision is a generous heart - the heart that gives without worrying about how the other will be met. I would highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to see the greatness of God at work in their lives. Thanks to Regal for this review copy.

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