Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Calling, Suzanne Woods Fisher

Bethany Schrock's moods are like Texas weather - changing at every turn. High-spirited and high strung this little lady is full of surprises in this book. After the love of her life runs out on her she is left spinning. She goes to work for the sisters - a group of minster sisters - cleaning their house. What should have been an easy job to take her mind off her devastated love life turns into quite an interesting adventure. Within the first few pages we learn that the sisters are hoarders with secrets of their own to hide - including a trunk of human skeletons! While Bethany is drawn into the mysterious hidden life of the sisters her half-sister is writing letters for a local newspaper under an alias of "Mrs. Miracle". I think reading the first in the series would have been helpful, however, after a few pages I figured out what was going one. As always this author does an exceptional job at inviting the reader into the lives of the characters to experience the story first hand. It is a wonderful story about discovering the truth about ones self and redeemed love. Often times life throws us curves, but the Lord redeems us and sets us on a path that leads to a more perfect plan. That is if we are willing to follow. This story most certainly leaves you waiting in anticipation for the next in the series. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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