Sunday, February 2, 2014

With Autumn's Return, Amanda Cabot

She was the daughter of a gentle preacher. Raised in a family based on faith and nourished with love a gentle child became of woman with a sweet spirit and a gift of healing. She was the youngest of three daughter's and set on making a difference in the world through being a doctor in a time when a woman's place was thought only to be in the home. She new it would be difficult but was convinced that this was God's calling on her life and therefor she set out to the new territory of Wyoming to make Cheyenne - the capitol city her home. Hoping that the new progressive city would be free from the prejudice of women doctors and enjoying the thought of being close to her two older sisters who already made the dusty city their home. He was the son of a widowed preacher that he called "The Reverend". Raised by a hard-handed housekeeper who had little time for loving and nourishing a young boy. Although his father loved him dearly he did not know how to express his love to his son and so the boy was neglected and left to grow in God's grace with out the help of a nurturing family environment. He set out for a career in law - finding a wife and beginning a family the last thing on his mind. He was the older brother of three boys accustomed to the upper society. Brought to the territory by a brother who had lost his fortune ranching and was beginning over with the sister of the lady doctor as a shop keeper. A booming voice and intimidating stance his heart was gentle and sweet. Not expecting to fall in love with the land and a woman he came to run his brother's store and over see it's expansion while his brother and sister in-law were back east for a visit. She was an army widow - the mother of a small child. Plump and pleasant, ordinary and plain - she felt she was a wall-flower that went unnoticed except for her talent for cooking. Love had left her a widow, being naive she had married again to find abuse, and now widowed she does not feel that she deserves love again. Tender in heart she longs for true love and a father for her sweet child. These four are thrown together - their stories are interwoven into a tapestry of beauty. None expected that God's plan would involve healing and truth for each of them and for the workings of true love. Four people brought together by one couple find themselves embarking on a journey that will forever change them. Each will come face to face with God's grace and come to understand His thoughts about who they really are. Walls will tumble down, the truth will be made clear and freedom will ensue. True love will triumph and bring healing to those who need it most. Amanda Cabot has yet again written a book that will draw the reader in. Tender, sweet, and well written the reader will be endeared to each character and will not want to put the book down. Then when the last page is turned and the story has come to an end the reader will long to find themselves longing to know the rest of the story - to know what happens after that last page. Me - I found myself wishing I had read the 2 books prior to this one. So I guess I will be making a trip to my local bookstore to pick them up. Thanks to Revell for this free copy in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Abbie -- You can't see it, but I have a big smile on my face over the fact that you enjoyed my book so much. Thanks for helping to spread the word about With Autumn's Return!