Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dare to Love Again, Julie Lessman

Julie Lessman is a master at romance! Her books are always filled with tension, intrigue and love stories that leave the reader wanting to read more. A reader can not help but be drawn into the story and feel as if they are almost there watching the action unfold, experiencing first hand each deep running emotion. This story is no different. A wealthy lady with a tender heart feels that she must bridge the gap between the rich and the poor - a perilous and dangerous road to walk upon. Allison McClare steps from her upper society into the dark and stained streets of the Barbary Coast to discover that the world of poverty is unlike anything she could have ever dreamed. Every darkened corner and dirty street, every drafty window and falling down house had the possibility of danger. The presence of the enemy lurked in every shadowy corner. She soon found that she was no match for the things she would encounter as she tried to reach out and help those who were less fortunate than she was. Yet she needed this very thing to keep her mind busy while her heart healed from being broken by the one she had thought was her true love. A brusque, hardened detective with walls as thick and high as Jericho is hired to guard her and to teach self-defense. His heart is walled up against love, his mind set on fending off any woman from the upper class. He does nothing to hide his disdain for the wealthy from Allsion and she in like does nothing to bridle her tongue when it comes to a sparring match. Both find that they have met their match, but neither is ready to fall in love again - or are they? Action, suspense, danger and love. Healing in unexpected ways at unexpected time through unexpected people. This book is a page turner for sure! Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

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