Saturday, February 8, 2014

God Speaks, Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort has written a book that is like sitting with a close friend and enjoying a conversation about many topics. I was expecting more of a commentary style book on the biblical book of Job. However, I was not disappointed. In this book Comfort explores the person of Job and his patience and faith. In the midst of hopeless situations we can find hope in the one who sustains us in all things. Have you ever faced a bleak situation, a place in life where all seems lost and the world seems turned upside down? Have you ever wondered where God was and why He was not answering your prayers? Did you ever get to the other side of the valley to discover God had answered your questions and prayers just not in the way you expected? This is the way of Job - devastation, loss, complete sadness and ruin. Yet, in the midst of the ash pile Job looked up and saw the face of God. In the midst of the trial Job held onto a hope in the one who held on to him. Explore the person of God in a way only Ray Comfort can do it. Curl up with a cup of coffee and find hope in the pages of this book as you explore the bible and are given life lessons and illustrations from the author. Thanks Ray Comfort for a great read and thank you Regal for this free review copy.

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