Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One, H. Norman Wright

For counseling resources I gravitate toward H. Norman Wright on most if not all subjects. I have his books on marriage, pre-marriage, divorce, affairs, bondages, and many more subjects. I have always found his resource books filled with great information that is highly biblical and very solid. My husband and I have used his books in many counseling situations for resource and we have used them to hand out for reading material to those who come in for counseling. This one is no less different. In 2010 we lost a baby (our fifth pregnancy). Our world felt as if someone came in and turned it upside down. The grief was almost suffocating and the world just did not seem real anymore. For days I went through the motion of living just to fall into bed at night in a puddle of tears. I knew God had a plan - had wrapped myself in the promises of His Word, had held tightly to the knowledge that He had a purpose for every pain in my life. I wish at that time that this book had been on my counseling shelf. When you experience loss your entire world changes. Everything seems different and it is often difficult to know how to function or how to grieve. The world is great at putting time limitations on grief. They love to tell you how to grieve, when to grieve, where to grieve. The loss is not only personal but it effects an entire family. One of the hardest things for me during our loss was seeing my children suffer and sort through their loss. I felt absolutely inadequate at helping them because my pain was so raw and exposed. This is why I appreciate this book. H. Norman Wright gives helpful, biblical insight as to how to recover and do so as a family. Through out the years my husband and I have seen marriages fall apart when they experience loss especially the loss of a child, we have seen families fall apart - children gravitate toward rebellion and the remaining parent shut themselves off in the loss of a spouse. This book proves that families can actually grow closer together and emerge stronger in the end. This is a book that should be on every church library shelf and in the hands of lay people who deal with the grieving. In his loving and compassionate way H. Norman Wright leads the grieving soul to the healing hands of Christ and teaches them how to receive healing. Thanks to Regall for this review copy.

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