Saturday, February 8, 2014

Renegade Pastor, Nelson Searcy

RENEGADE PASTOR - the title just made me think of William Wallace or Lord of the Rings! The cover art made me think of Super Man! I was so excited when this book came up as "Soon to be released" and I began to hound my friend at Regal for the release date and a copy for review. Yes! This was going to be good - I was sure of it. Then I began to think - "hmmm...maybe building it up based on the title, the cover art and the description might set me up for disappointment as had been the case in the past with other books. However, this one did not disappoint! It was sound a practical advice that can easily be applied. As a Pastor's wife who is active in the ministry with my husband I have seen first hand Pastors who have gotten stuck in a rut. We have experienced moments when we looked up and found a discontentment with the momentum of ministry. This book empowers pastors to break the averaged and become exceptional! Searcy writes words that spark a renewed excitement for ministry, for reaching the lost and for operating in the greatness God has called them to. There was not a part in this book where I thought - "man I wish I could just get through this one last chapter". Each one was expertly written and woven throughout with biblical truth. Thanks to Regal for publishing this wonderful book and for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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