Thursday, March 27, 2014

Awesome Science Explore Glacier National Park

What could be more fun than an interesting DVD that explores God's creation and solidifies the biblical world view taught by a kid??? I don't think there is another dvd series like this one on the market. If you are looking for a way to make science interesting for you little ones (and big ones alike) this is the series for you!! Our family of 8 enjoys these for a number of reasons; 1. Noah Justice is the age of some of my children so they think it is great to see someone their age teaching about God's creation, 2. The information that is presented is consistent with a biblical world view and their for solidifies the teachings found in the bible and gives our children good argument against other world views., 3. The length is just long enough to keep a child's attention while not being too short to leave out information, 4. The pictures and video is fun, interactive, 5. It is perfect for a variety of ages from early elementary to teens. Providing a perfect jump start for conversation or a perfect beginning for paper writing and further research. In this particular video you are invited to explore the Ice Age and the flood and how the two worked together and impacted our world then and today. Also the idea of the flood is given time as you are invited to explore the fact that this biblical explanation of world events shows how massive extinction could happen and how the flood impacted the world we live in. I want to thank Masterbooks for this wonderful opportunity to watch again their videos.

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