Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Pelican Bride, Beth White

This is the first novel by this author that I have read. I was attracted to the book - honestly - because of the cover and the interesting title. I did find that it was a little hard to get into but I did enjoy the over all story. I am not into sticky overly romantic books with lots of gushy mushy love story stuff and this one did not have that element. This author did an excellent job of fleshing out a love story without a lot mushy scenes. Genevieve and her sister board a boat that had a course set for the religiously free American colonies after her father was murdered for his anti-catholic practices. I found this to be a nice look into this particular era of history and Christian persecution. The name of the boat was Pelican - thus the name of the book. The last thing young Genevieve was looking for was a love story but that is precisely what she finds. Not only love but excitement and mystery and a little bit of danger. Secrets are never a good thing, and sometimes one's past sometimes pops up in the most unexpected ways and demands to be dealt with - this is what the characters in this book face. Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

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