Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Flood of Noah, Bodie Hodge

This interactive, colorful book explores the legendary flood of Noah with historical facts, world wide legends, lore and myth and beautifully illustrated fold-out pages. Children and adults alike will be fascinated by this book. It is one that will be revisited many times over. The accuracy and truth of the biblical accounts of history, especially Noah's flood, have been long debated by the secular and Christian world. Some have written off the biblical account is mere fiction - a good childhood story of judgment and salvation. However this book lays out the evidence of the flood as presented through many different cultures across the world. It is amazing how very close the different legends and stories and histories of these cultures are. Each one pointing to the accuracy and truth of the bible. Wanting something that challenges your children? Wanting something that counters the secular view? Are you a skeptic of the bible and wanting proof of the truth in it? This book is one that will lay to rest a skeptic's thoughts and bring to light the truth of this historical account of the greatest disaster this Earth has been through. Pick up a copy and be amazed. Sit down with your children and explore the myths, legends and stories that have been passed down from ancient civilizations across the world. See the world suddenly come together in one great and epic story - The story of judgement and Redemption. Thanks to Master Books for this review copy.

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