Monday, August 11, 2014

Enough: 10 Things We should Be Telling Tennage Girls, Kate Conner

This little book is a great read and is filled with helpful advice and insight. As a mom of two girls (and four boys) it was a great read. Kate Conner has a very unique and relaxed way of writing that is great for teenage girls. She fits right into their world and brings truth to them in a way that will be accepted and listened to. There is so much young girls need to know as they grow into woman-hood and sometimes they don't want to hear it from mom. The "when I was your age" approach is lost on girls trying to find their own identity in this mixed up world. They don't want us to fix it, preach it, yell it or tell it - but they will listen to another voice that speaks to them in a non-biased way. Sometimes the truth from someone besides our moms is just what we need. Wonderful book and highly recommended to mom's (and dads) of teen or tween girls.

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