Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Studies and World History

I have always been a fan of Bob Jones History Curriculum - that was until I received this one from Master Books for review. I happen to have a child that fits this age group so not only did I review it myself but I put it to use to see how effective and easily navigated it would be for our children. I will be purchasing this entire history set. The book is 34 chapters - 1 School year. Each chapter is broken into 5 short lessons that are easy to read and understand. Each lesson has an essay question or other work that requires the student to really think about and apply what they have read and learned. Though my daughter did not like the idea of writing every day at the end of her history lesson she did admit that the questions made her think more about the topic for the day. I especially liked the fact that not only did she read her history book but she also read the bible and often had to compare and contrast things. I found the questions to be thought provoking and not overly easy to answer. Often over the course of the last three weeks (the amount of time we have been in study or school) we have had extended discussions that stemmed from the discussion questions. Another thing I really enjoyed about this text is that it is user friendly to a mom/teacher - much like the math curriculum that we use. In the teacher book the year is in a calendar format making it easy to see what is next and to plan the year. This takes much of the stress of laying out a calendar and fitting everything in. It also makes it easy in case my husband has to pick it up to teach or help our daughter if I need his help. Over all I really liked this product. Thanks to Masterbooks for this review copy.

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