Monday, August 11, 2014

Thrive, Mark Hall

Written with teens in mind this book is inspiring and uplifting. In today's world the struggles teens face are monumental. Mark Hall is open, honest and transparent as he talks about his own struggles as a teen and the power of God that helped him overcome. Teens are offered practical and biblical advice and insight that will help them dig deep into God's word. They will discover the joy of serving others as an overflow of God's love in their lives. The message to teens is simple - They are not meant merely to survive their teen years, the next semester, the next class, the next day - they are meant to thrive, be strong, triumphant, resilient, and abundant in life and love. This book uses the illustration of a tree to show teens that they must be deeply rooted in Christ. But that their roots must ever be going deeper into His love and truth. They are further taught that when they are rooted in that love and truth they will branch out, grow, and become strong. This serves a dual purpose - teens learn that they will be better equipped to serve others as well as withstand the attacks of the enemy that will come. Mark Hall has written a very good book for teens and parents alike. thanks to the review program Booksneeze who offered this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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