Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Overrated, Eugene Cho

Okay - I will be honest, the cover art of this book is the first thing that caught my eye - then the subtitle. This book led me to question even further - are we sometimes in love with the idea of being a Christian and looking like a Christian more than we are concerned about living the life of a Christian. Hard questions, a challenge to take a deep introspective look at your beliefs and motivations. This book serves as a wake up call and jump start to a new life. Cho is painfully open, honest and transparent about his own struggles and what he feels the Lord has called for him to do. He does not hold back the tough questions but instead leads the reader to ask them, face them and come to grips with them. Where are we truly at, what do we truly want. Are we living the life that God intended us to be. Overrated is one of those books that you just have to pick up and read. You have to experience it for yourself. Thanks to Cook Communications for this review copy

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