Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Stress Cure, Linda Evans Shepherd

Who has not had stress? It seems that as women we have so much to stress about. This book is unique in that it is not a list of how-to's or new remedies. Shepherd directs the reader to the truth of the Word. Over and over she points to the power of prayer. This is the reason I enjoyed this book so much. Shepherd exposes the truth in the Word. She explores the depth of peace we are able to find and experience at the hand of the Prince of Peace. If life is over-whelming, if your to-do list is just too long, if things seem to be unraveling at the ends and you feel like your struggling to just survive - then this is the book that you need to pick up. It is such a refreshing read amidst all the 10 step, 6 steps, do this do that programs and books out there. Simply put - Prayer brings you to the place where peace can be experienced. Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

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