Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The New Astronomy Book, Danny R. Faulkner

Looking for an awesome new resource? Looking for a book that is easily adaptable for different ages? Looking for a book that will captivate your children, ignite their imagination, and cause them to look at the sky differently? Well look no further - the book is here. The New Astronomy Book is a must have for any Science teacher and any person who loves to explore the sky and universe. This book book has been re-done and true to Masterbooks reputation this one reaches multiple age levels in one book. It is a book that has to be read more than once. Each page is filled with awesome pictures and insets with all sorts of information. Since this is geared for multiple age levels there is information for different ages. There is so much that you can go back and find new stuff each time you read the book. My 6 children range from 13 down to 1 year old. All of them loved this book - including my 1 year old who "talked" about the pictures and patted each one. The photography - as is usually the case with this publisher - is outstanding. This resource is well put together and would easily fit in with any curriculum used for home school. In fact I look to see it in the future listed as an additional resource on some of the curriculum. This would also be an excellent resource for a Sunday School. Thank you so much for the publisher for this review copy!

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