Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beside Bethseda, Joni Ericson Tada

The cool refreshing waters of the Word - the waters that bring healing and refreshment. This little 31 day devotional is about the healing so many long for - the healing that can only be found in the Word. And who better to expose the healing Words that Joni Ericson Tada who has walked a long road that has often included hardship, and heart ache. This is a woman who has always inspired me. In fact a few years back I did a bible study that she had written. Each day has a scripture and a devotion to go along with it. What makes this so unique is that Joni shows through personal application how the scriptures and truths of the bible lead to healing and to hope. After all hope is what is dashed in moments of desperation and pain. And it is hope that sustains us in storms and rough waters. Joni speaks from a heart that wants to serve the Lord and from a place that offers encouragement and hope to those seeking. Thanks to the publisher NavPress for this free review copy

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