Monday, October 6, 2014

Prescription for Life, Richard Furman

I was told about this author when I attended a healthy living class. I started looking for his books. Then to my surprise I was offered this one to review. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to read his latest book. I was hungry for information on how to get healthy. After all the average American diet is as far from healthy as a person can get. I wanted facts and information. I wanted to understand how different foods affected the body and how different organs affected other organs or functions. I, plain and simple, wanted to know how everything worked together and why. Then I wanted to know how to make it all work better. Being an almost 40 year old mom of 6 I want the same energy level I had with the first kids. Yet, after 7 pregnancies I found myself a whopping 35 pounds over weight, lacking energy and over all not as healthy as I once had been. Trying different diets did not seem to knock off the weight. I loved the fact that the first chapter addressed the body and how it worked together and what made it work at less than optimal. The rest of the book address different things and how to correct problems. I like the fact that the author was very readable. This book is one that is dog-eared, written in, highlighted and well used. I still refer to it and have begun to recommend it to many of my friends. Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

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