Monday, October 6, 2014

Setting your Church Free, Neil T. Anderson and Charles Mylander

Neil T. Anderson and Charles Mylander address a "biblical plan for corporate conflict resolution" in this book. I can find no fault in the way they say to address conflict. I appreciate that Anderson continues to write books that address hard topics and topics that others avoid. As sad as it is the fact remains that often church is a place of conflict, back-biting, and hurt feelings. Though church members ought to love each other and seek to serve each other this is not always the case. Anderson has written a book meant to help leaders identify then deal with certain types of conflict. This is done in the hope that this will bring a unity and peace to the congregation. I would recommend this book to any leader wanting to bring more unity to their church. There is a time to address sins on an individual basis but there is also a time to address corporate sins and problems and root them out of the corporate body. Thanks to Bethany House for this review copy.

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