Wednesday, November 26, 2014

52 Little Lessons from Les Miserables, Bob Welch

Victor Hugo's timeless classic is now a time less devotional. I remember the first time I picked up that huge unabridged monstrosity of a book. I remember turning it over in my hands thinking, "I will never be able to finish this; cliff notes here I come". That was as a Junior in High school and I read the book from front cover to back cover in a matter of days. I was hooked from the first page, drawn into a story about Jean Valjean that offered hope. Grace was so poured out in the actions of the priest that a life was changed for ever. Desperation turned to hope, darkness was parted by light, shame was replaced by the covering of forgiveness. My copy was dogged-eared, marked, high lighted and and I remember crying as I typed my reflective paper over the themes and symbolism of this book. Bob Welch has taken the spiritual lessons, the golden bits of truth tucked into this beloved classic and turned it into a daily devotional. As I read it of course I thought; "this is what I should have done with my dog-eared copy". For when I read the book the first, second, third and fourth time that is what it was like for a me a huge devotional. Only now I have Welch's much easier to handle smaller version of a great classic. Welch successfully took the poignant points of the book and organized them into a weekly devotional that is sure to bless anybody who picks it up. Thanks to the publisher for this free review copy.

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