Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas at Rose Hill Farm, Suzanne Woods Fisher

An Amish love story in the sweetest sense; one that will have you crying and laughing and fill your heart with that warm feeling. Bill Lapp left his Amish life behind for something sweeter or different. However, that meant walking away from a woman that he loved but that he felt did not love him in return. His heart was drawn to hers and he never quite forgot her or the way she made him feel. Surrounded by rare roses, in charge of making sure they bloom and live to produce another plant. He spends his days with beauty that echoes his long lost love. Bess thinks that she has moved on from Bill. She is sure that she has found a man that truly loves her. After years of waiting, wishing, hoping she has packed up the dreams of seeing Bill. She has picked up the pieces of her heart and mended them back and now she is planning a wedding. This sets the stage, of course, for the twist that brings three worlds to a halting stop. Love, always finds a way to come back to the place it started and hearts always seem to remember the ones they first loved. Curl up on the coach, grab a soft and cozy blanket, some tissues and get ready for a heart-warming story that will make you fall in love. Thanks Revell for this review copy.

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