Monday, November 10, 2014

Trading Secrets, Melody Carlson

Awww....Melody Carlson has done it again. Our family is huge Carlson fans! Her young adult fiction is just as awesome as her adult fiction. She just has a way of weaving words into a story that is heart warming and real. My daughter has her own collection of Carlson books and this one quickly made it onto her shelf as well. Within the first pages she was already giggling as she anticipated the end and the story in between. In the fifth grade Micah Knight is given a pen pal. The problem: well when you have a name like Micah it's hard to tell if the writer is a boy or a girl so she is paired up with an Amish boy named Zach. Years pass and the two have traded letters, secrets, hopes and dreams. They have become the best of friends through pages of mail. The problem now is that it is time to meet and Micah is a little worried that the one secret she failed to "trade" with Zach might be the undoing of years of pen-pal friendship. Or at the very least it will drastically change the dynamics of the relationship. So the real story begins as the two meet for the first time and Micah is introduced for the beautiful and witty young lady she really is. So, you will have to go pick up a copy to see how this sweet story of friendship unfolds and what exciting times await these two childhood pen pals. Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

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