Saturday, February 18, 2017

When We Last Met, Marci Henna

Marci Henna has written a novel that will resonate in the hearts of many even after they put the novel down. The Cranbourne Family has faced their share of heartache and loss but the deep ties of family, love and faith become the buoy that keeps this family afloat. Walt and Ruby become the soul family for their granddaughters of the loss of both of their parents. Henna does an excellent job of bringing to life each character and navigating the waters of loss, love, faith and trials and the emotions entangled in these things. Through her transparent writing the reader is invited into the lives of two sisters who at the present are separated, a chasm of hurt and pain and misunderstanding laying between them. However, all this changes when the girls meet to discuss markers for Ruby’s grave. A visit back home sometimes has a way of breaking down walls with warm memories of happier and simpler times. Before long the girls begin to remember what really matters in life and what is really worth fighting for. This story draws the reader in and invites them to work through the tumult of emotions Henna lays out. This book is worth a read – excellent for those cool spring nights with a cup of hot tea. This book was provided by the publisher for review in exchange for an honest review of the story.

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