Thursday, May 28, 2020

Elementary Apologetics - MasterBooks Curriculum

If you are looking for a great introduction to Apologetics for your child you've found it. Ken Ham's Answers books are the core for this great curriculum!I absolutely love the course objectives set out in this curriculum: (1) investigate biblical truths concerning the creation account, Adam and Eve, and sin, (2) Become familiar with God's Word, what He desires of them, and how much He loves them, (3) Identify insights regarding the accountof Noah, how he and his family cared for the animals , and how fossils formed, (4) Learn how to defend their faith against a secular worldview in a fallen world, (5) Study truths about the Tower of babel, the Ice Age and what is the purpose of stars, and (6) Write out text they can share with friends or family about what they have learned. These objectives are easily met in the lessons. What impressed me most about this curriculum is how excited my children were as they worked through it. Scriptures states that we must each work out our salvation; this means that God's Word must become real and relevant to each of us - applicable to our lives. It is not enough for our children to attend church and learn church culture; they must understand the Word, understand what they believe and defend it when necessary. This course is an excellent way for your young student to begin to dive into, explore, and internalize the Word. It is a way for them to own it as their own and to understand who the Truth of this Word affects every aspect of our lives. I strongly recommend this course.

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