Monday, September 20, 2010

Moms' Ultimate Guide to the Tween Girl World, Nancy Rue

Moms’ Ultimate Guide to the Tween Girl World, Nancy Rue
If you want a book that will make you appreciate the difficulties of your tween daughter as she navigates the treacherous waters of today’s world – this is the book for you. I found myself close to tears as I thought over the drama of my own tween years in comparison to the instability of today’s world and the additional stress on girls to grow up so quickly. I thought my own tween years were difficult, however, in light of the topics that girls now face in this grossly sexualized world – I believe we all need a dose of encouraging words to help our daughters become battle-ready “mini-women” of God. This book encourages you to spend time helping your daughter discover and develop a strong sense of her identity in Christ. This is sometimes difficult for the mom in the trenches of tween-ness as we battle back-talk, hormonal eruptions, and withdrawal of our precious little princess daughters. I really enjoyed the straight-forward manner of Nancy Rue as well as her humor and wit. I was unfamiliar with her until I received this book for review, but have quickly become a fan.
Thank you Zonervan for this review copy.

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