Monday, September 27, 2010

A Memory Between Us, Sarah Sundin

A Memory Between Us, Sarah Sundin
This is the second installment of the Wings of Glory series but great as a stand alone novel. I could not wait for this one to get finished because I fell in love with the characters from the first novel. Sarah Sundin does an amazing job of bringing to life her characters and making their emotions leap off the pages. This, much like the first book, is hard to put down.
While the first book introduces you to Jack, the eldest brother of Walter Novack, in this book you find the true struggles he faces. In the first book Jack is the older, all-accomplished brother that Walter feels he can never measure up to. Jack is a pilot and preacher – his father’s pride and joy. Yet in this book we find that he struggles with his faith and his calling. Wounded and in the hospital his path crosses with Ruth, a heavy-laden, heart broken nurse who is searching for her own path in life and meaning to the tragedy and heart-ache she faces. Jack falls in love with Ruth and must win her heart. The story keeps a reader on edge, constantly hoping for the best and itching to turn to the last page for a peak at the ending – just to make sure it all works out. An excellent story of God’s healing hand and redeeming love.
A highly recommended book! If you haven’t read the first one – buy it too….they are both worth owning! Sarah Sundin is doing an excellent job of bringing to life the drama and love of a perilous time in history. Even in the midst of war and tragedy God works!
Thank you Revell for providing this review copy.

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  1. Abbie - thanks for your fabulous review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Jack & Ruth's story.