Sunday, November 7, 2010

Professionalizing Motherhood, Jill Savage

I LOVED this book!! Jill Savage's style and wit make this book an enjoyable read. With the job of motherhood under attack by the world this book is an encouragement to all who choose this path. Often overlooked and underappreciated this job takes dedication, determination, love and patience. If you know a stay at home mom this would make an excellent gift. I love how Jill discusses the profession of motherhood. So many stay at home moms feel that they are looked at as less of a woman because she does not work in the professional world. I too have been on the recieving end of comments that have insinuated that I am a stay at home mom because of a lack of education - when in fact I chose this path at the leading of God over working outside the home. At the back of this book Jill has given her website address and blog. I visited both of these and was very much impressed with the message of hope and encouragement Jill speaks into the lives of women. This book challenges stay at home moms to pursue Christ in all they do - doing this job to the best of their ability and to the glory of God.
Thank you Zondervan for this review copy.

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