Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Rush of Wings, Kristen Heitzmann

If you are looking for a great suspence mystery this is an excellent book. The story begins when young pampered and sheltered Noelle St. Claire takes flight from some unknown fear - a dark memory hidden just beyond recognition. Engaged to her father's protege she runs without any warning when her fiance triggers a memory. This unidentified evil sends her on a midnight bus ride half way accross the country to a horse ranch in the middle of nowhere. There she meets two brothers determined to get to the bottom of Noelle's secrets. In the midst of all the suspence a beautiful and somewhat tragic romance begins to unfold. The excellent story-telling keeps the reader on edge throughout the entire story - hoping for resolution and defeat of the enemy and hoping that Noelle recognizes true love and is able to get past the tragedies in her life. Filled with complex and true to life characters this book is a good read that is hard to put down.
Thank you Bethany House for this review copy.

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