Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Then Sings My Soul, Robert J. Morgan

This special edition book of hymns and the stories of their creation is a treasure to have. If you have a music lover in your life this would be an excellent gift. the cover with its graceful hills is astounding. The heavy pages with torn edges add an element of richness to the book.

The songs are organized by holidays: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Patriotic ending with a section called Other Favorites. This makes finding your favorite songs easier. There is a copy of each song on one page and on the facing page is an appropriate scripture and the story of the birth of the song. These stories are deeply moving and will forever change the meaning of the songs. One can not help but be changed when you are shown the heart of the author of each song. Some songs born out of praise others out of adoration only after suffering. Each song was written with the knowledge of the majesty of or Lord.

Robert J. Morgan has done an excellent job of bringing to life the richness of these hymns - bringing new meaning to them. Each story could be read as part of a daily devotion or as a group devotion. Excellent as a resource or for personal reading. No matter how one chooses to use this book it will be an inspiration.

Thank you Thomas Nelson for this review copy

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