Friday, May 13, 2011

From mason to Minister, Neil Cullan McKinlay

Written by a once high level mason this book chronicles his journey to discover the Living God. The hot and often debated topic of whether the Masonic Lodges are a cult or not is openly discussed in light of the scriptures. I was very interested in this book as I have a Great Grandfather that was a high level Mason and Shriner. On his death bed he accepted Christ and renounced the Lodges.

I found this book to be excellent as a resource for Pastors and others to show those wondering about the workings and truth of the Lodges. In these pages the reader follows the journey of Neil Cullan McKinlay as he wades the vague fog of the Lodges into the true and redeeming light of true Christianity.

McKinlay does a sound job at showing in an unbiased way the difference between what the Lodge proclaims and what it actually practice and how these very things contradict the teaching of the bible.

An intriguing journey into the shadowy secrets of the Lodges this book guides readers through the secret rites and teachings of a closed cult. I found it rather ironic that the bible presented to McKinlay upon his entrance into the Lodges was the very book that led to his acceptence of Christ.

A great easy read. Very informative and very biblically sound. If you are interested in understanding just how far off this lodge is from true christianity this book will clearly answer your questions.

Thank you Nordskog Publishing for this review copy.

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  1. The difference between the York Rite and the Scottish Rite is important.