Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Blackberry Bush, David Housholder

Absolutely stunning!

This is a book that everyone needs to read. There are so many things that are quote worthy that my copy has pencil markings all in it and page references marked in the back.

As if the story was not compelling enough the author has been gracious enough to include a section of questions. If you are looking for an excellent book for a book club this is it! You will not be disappointed in the storyline nor will your group have a shortage of discussion regarding the topic.

This is a coming of age story of sorts for two very different people separated by a continent. They are connected by the faith of their grandparents and a story that connects them in ways they never would have guessed. An old story of love, treachery, betrayal of all sorts and the prevailing evidence of God's grace and forgiveness. This story comes together in the third generation and with it comes the finality of God's infinite love and power of restoration.

Join the journey that spans three generations. Be pulled into the story and discover the truth that resonates within the pages. Open your eyes to the back light of your own story - - Allow God to reveal to you the same power in your own life.

The book opens with this quote on page 16, "Walls are real, yet they always come down. Creation and Nature never favor walls. They start to crumble even before the mortar dries."

It ends with the following quotes: "But faith and blessings will always find a way to be fruitful and multiply./Faith like water, will always find its way back to its Source. Carry it, and it will carry you. Receive it from others, and pass it on to them." So profoundly simple: The spiritual foundations we build now will impact other generations, even if for a moment they seem lost.

Finally on page 171 and 172: "It takes a crown of thorns and truly good heart to destroy the wounding of the thorns of life./Curses are meant to be broken./Evil and brokenness are never even any good at being evil and broken. the Pharaoh always ends up at the bottom of the Red Sea. The evil dictator must die by suicide. Good is simply good at being good. And prevailing."

Thank you B&B Publishing for this review copy.

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