Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day of War, Cliff Graham

The first in the Lion of War Series this one will have you hooked from the first page. New hero's are born from an old story. For the first time in epic proportions the story of David and his mighty men is brought to life in such a fashion that one can not help but to desire to be as heroic as these men.

I can't wait for my sons to be old enough to delve into this gripping story of war and honor, of struggle and victory. David's Mighty men are brought to life and their story is highlighted within the pages of this book.

Very masculine in it's themes it is still an enjoyable read for women. In fact I read it purely out of a curiosity of this biblical fiction piece. My question being - Could anyone truly do justice to the untold and often overlooked impact that these trusted men of David had on the course of history. My answer - ABSOLUTELY. Cliff Graham has done an exceedingly good job.

In each page the reader can feel the tension of the political climate and the cost of the sacrificial lifestyle of these men. They fought alongside and under the leadership of one of the greatest kings in history. Come along for a very personal journey into their lives and discover for yourself the magnitude of their service and impact on history as we know it.

Thank you Zondervan for this review copy.

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