Thursday, January 12, 2012

Every Woman's Battle, Shannon Ethridge

Back in May of 2011 we bought a copy of 'Every Young Woman's Battle' as we had a teen aged girl living with us at the time. Being familiar with the book 'Every Man's battle' and 'Every Young Man's Battle' we were confident that the book would be solid. The same was true when I saw this book for review: having read the other books I was glad to get a copy of this one too.

The author does an excellent job exploring a subject that has too long been tabu to talk about. I have found this to be a sad state of affairs. As a minister's wife, a women's ministry teacher and a teacher to Senior High Teens - as well as other ministries involving women - over the last 13 years I have met many young ladies and grown women who have been devastated in the area of sexual and emotional intimacy. Many have been wounded in such ways that they do not feel worthy. Others struggle silently with things they are too embarrassed to speak about, feeling they are the only ones struggling in these areas.

I found the book to be an excellent resource. The writing is very personable and easy to follow and the advice is biblical and scriptural based. Shannon Ethridge has stepped out to tackle a subject that has long needed to be tackled.

I would recommend this book for all women. I think that while reading it women will come face to face with issues that have long lay hidden in the dark recesses of their hearts and minds. This will produce a healing that will then produce a more intimate marriage or in the case of single women will provide a foundation on which to build an intimate marriage as well as tools to protect their hearts from things that should not be allowed into their hearts.

Thank you to WaterBrook Press for this free review copy.

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