Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Emotionally Healthy Woman, Geri Scazzero

Well - so here it is time to write a most difficult review. These are the things we have to do some times. I would love to say that I read every book and write a glowing review but ever so often I am given a book that just doesn't jive. Geri Scazzero most certainly needs to take a few more seminary courses and brush up on her Greek. Further more she needs to be a little more careful about taking scripture and saying that it is not what it is. The American Christian population in general (no finger pointing at a particular denomination because I believe that this complacency has infiltrated all of them)has stepped onto a slippery slope of redefining scripture to fit their life instead of allowing their lives to be changed by scripture. This book, other than the scripture references (which are often time applied incorrectly), is little more than a Secular world-view of self-help in the guise of Christianity. It is a the same as Saul before a conversion - a direct misinterpretation of the power of Christ in the body of a believer. I have long said that there is a problem when we think we can "make right" or "fix" our sin, sin nature, or problems. Even the simple act of forgiveness or love is inherently impossible without the blood of Jesus Christ making it possible. Her "Stop dying to the wrong things" is a direct slap in the face of true Christianity! She takes the scripture Mark 8:34 referring to dying to ourselves and says that we do not have to completely die to ourselves. My question then for Geri Scazzero is - IF Jesus had chosen not to COMPLETELY die to self and to COMPLETELY offer himself as a living sacrifice for sin - where then would the Christian be. There is no commentary of any reputable Christian scholar that would back the absurd idea that this meant anything other than a complete dying to ones self that is an impossibility without the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Each day we are asked to put to death the old man to crucify it to the cross and to take up the cross of Christ and follow Him. I do not want to be found a disciple that is unworthy of the shed blood nor one that has embraced an errant line of thinking that devalues the very sacrifice that was made! As a Pastor's wife and women's ministry worker I would NOT EVER recommend this book as a book for emotional health! I want the women I counsel and pray with to seek to live totally completely sold out to Christ. I want to see them free from all captivity of the enemy. I want them to run freely with the Lord, to embrace grace, forgiveness and strength that is found in Christ alone. Recieved as a review copy from the publisher.

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