Thursday, August 29, 2013

Two are Better, Tim & Debbie Bishop

50 year old newlyweds that have never had a previous marriage! That is unique in and of it's self. Then you add a honeymoon and a bike trip across the country and you have in your hands an interesting story to say the least. I will say that the cover of this book does not do justice to the story that this book holds. I fear that people will be too apt to judge a book by its cover and may miss the blessing of reading what is inside. This compelling and heart-warming story will have you laughing out loud. In addition you will meet to extraordinary people who will inspire you to reach for God's plan in your own life. Maybe even inspire you to do something unnatural, out of the ordinary, different, and totally out of character. You may even be inspired to experience God in a totally new and transformational way. As first time authors I was surprised by the easy read that this book was. The two have paired together to tell a story that is both transparent and enjoyable. You will see the work of God's hand in the lives of these two people who left it all behind to embrace the life that God gave them together. How much more fun could there be? Thank you so much for Helen's surprise gift of this review copy from the publisher!! I was not expecting such a neat book to read - and being a mom of 5 with one on the way in 8 weeks this was easy to read in a short amount of time.

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