Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Code of the Holy Spirit, Perry Stone

Again Perry Stone has authored a book that will cause the reader to look closely at the topic at hand - in this book The Holy Spirit. I have always enjoyed reading books by this author as well as watching his teachings on the television. This one will cause the conservative believer to see the Holy Spirit and his works in a whole new light. Too often the conservative believer (like myself) tend to put Holy Spirit in a convenient box relegated only to the job of conviction when in fact Holy Spirit is the power and miracles in a saved persons life. I invite you to read this book and tap into the uncontainable power of the spirit - to see God in all His glory - to experience a revived and extraordinary Christian life. This book is filled with scripture to back up each thing as well as inspiring testimonies. As always Perry Stone does an excellent job of opening up the Word of Truth with out bias to explain the workings of the Holy Spirit. He has done an excellent job of presenting scriptures so that this book is not based on man's religion or of his own religious preferences. Therefor I believe that this book would be useful to the believer that falls under the label as charismatic or conservative. Yes - if you are conservative in your beliefs this may push you a little out of your comfort zone. However, I believe that when approached as a study with an attitude of prayer even the conservative believer will see the truth presented. I am one conservative believer that no longer wants to relegate the power of the Holy Spirit to a small portion of my life. Nor do I want to limit his works to the stories recorded in the bible. I want to live a life in recognition of his power and might. Thanks to Charisma books and The Booketeria for this review copy.


  1. Did you even look at the cover of the book? The title you are referring to is incorrect. It is not The Holy Spirit. It is not The Holy Spirit Code. It is The Code of the Holy Spirit.

    1. Yes, I did look at the cover of this book....I read the entire book along with several others on this subject at the same time. This was a typo and not meant to be offensive to you! This happens sometimes when you are a mother of 6 young children 4 under the age of 6 (one a new born)...Sometimes your attention is a little divided and your thoughts scattered. I corrected the title - and apologize that this made you upset. Please allow grace and understanding in this situation.