Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Unshakable, Trusting God when All Else Fails, Carter Conlon

Life happens in unexpected ways. Our sure path that is illuminated by His word sometimes takes us deep into the Valley of Shadows. Here we find ourselves crying out to God - wondering where He has gone - questioning this darkness, this pain, this suffering. We look up to heaven, our faith is weak, battered, torn - we fall on our faces begging the heaven's to break open that we can see His face, feel His hand, hear His voice. Today's Christians have been taught a false doctrine that Christianity is a level road, free of pain and suffering. However, Conlon reveals the truth of the Word. Suffering is needful in our walk - it is a part of our story. Sometimes our world must unravel, our hearts must be broken and our dreams must lay shattered so that God can work His perfect will in our lives and reveal the glory He intended. But - knowing this and surviving in these times is two different things. We must not only have a head knowledge of God's goodness, but we must embrace His character in our hearts, we must cling to the promise that He will work it out. Pastor Conlon teaches a truth that many will find hard to swallow - suffering is a part of our walk. It is part of divine purpose. In the midst of our brokenness God is right there - He is working in the midst of it and He will deliver you through it. Conlon points out that we are in a time that is lacking hope. Many walk around today with nothing to hold on to. This Pastor has studied the flock and he stands in the wilderness crying out that we prepare ourselves for this path - dig deep into His strength and become a light of hope in a dark and hopeless time. Thank you Regal for this review copy.

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